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  1. Lima to Paris – Will the UN Solve the Climate Crisis? — December 12, 2014
  2. An Hour with Larry Hamm, Relentless Human Rights Defender — November 20, 2014
  3. Escalating Actions to Retire Fossil Fuels — November 11, 2014
  4. Ferguson and Beyond – Next Steps to End Police Brutality — October 26, 2014
  5. Uniting To Transform US Policing — October 19, 2014

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Dec 12

Lima to Paris – Will the UN Solve the Climate Crisis?

The COP 20 talks have just concluded in Lima, Peru and now eyes are turning to the next treaty expected to be signed in Paris in December, 2015. So far, the United Nations’ COP process has failed to produce a meaningful agreement to address the climate crisis and to achieve climate justice. The United States …

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Nov 20

An Hour with Larry Hamm, Relentless Human Rights Defender

We spend the hour speaking with Larry Hamm who is described as “a relentless advocate for African-American people and the cause of human rights for more than 30 years.” Larry is chair of the People’s Organization for Progress in Newark, NJ which he helped to found in 1983. His work focuses on education, jobs, health care, …

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Nov 11

Escalating Actions to Retire Fossil Fuels

This past week, as part of the Beyond Extreme Energy campaign to retire fossil fuels there were daily actions to shut down the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission every morning and actions at other locations in the afternoon. These took place simultaneously with direct action at two FERC-approved gas infrastructure projects in Seneca Lake, NY and …

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Oct 26

Ferguson and Beyond – Next Steps to End Police Brutality

The month of October has been dedicated to the issues of mass incarceration, racially-biased policing, militarized policing and the abusive behavior and extrajudicial murders being carried out by police. Over the weekend of October 10, thousands of people converged in St. Louis, MO to demonstrate for justice in the murders of Michael Brown and other …

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Oct 19

Uniting To Transform US Policing

By Kevin Zeese Originally published in The Post-Michael Brown Agenda Provides Goals For The Movement To End Racist, Militarized Policing And, Actions We Need to be Taking Today to Make Transformation a Reality Throughout the nation the issue of police brutality, including killings of unarmed people, is a common problem. It is part of …

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Oct 15

Lifetime Activist, David Hartsough, Shares Wisdom and Vision for a Just World

David Hartsough has dedicated his life to working for peace and justice and continues now with one of his greatest endeavors, the abolition of war. His story, “Waging Peace: Global Adventures of a Lifelong Activist,” has just been released. David writes, “The book shares personal stories about my experiences in nonviolent movements over the past …

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Oct 12

Vets Win Expansion Of Freedom Of Speech and Right To Assemble

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese Originally published in Mintpress News Photo: Veterans and allies pose at the end of the 2014 antiwar memorial service at Vietnam Veterans Memorial in New York City. They are holding photos of Jacob David George whose pictures are also on the wall behind them. Photo by Ellen Davidson. Veterans …

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Oct 12

Why Do We Celebrate American Genocide?

Monday, October 13, is celebrated in many places around the United States as Columbus Day after Christopher Columbus. In school, most American students are taught that Columbus discovered the ‘New World’ and are not taught that not only is this false but also aren’t taught about the horrors that he and others during that time …

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Oct 07

Hong Kong: Now The Hard Part, Kick US Out, Build National Consensus

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers Originally published in   When protests in Hong Kong exploded, knowledgeable people looked for US involvement. It was not hard to find. The overt intrusion of the US is available in budgets, documents and websites; the covert involvement has not yet been uncovered but is no doubt there. …

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Sep 30

With Climate March Behind Us, Now What Do We Do?

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers Originally published in Mint Press News The climate action weekend built around the People’s Climate March proved that the climate movement has broad popular support and millions are ready to mobilize. These are two ingredients necessary to achieve climate justice, but also needed is a strategy that is widely understood so …

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