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Jan 23

Jeff Sessions’ Assault On Marijuana Legalization

Jeff Sessions, head of the Department of Justice, reversed the “Cole Memo” that allowed states to pursue marijuana legalization without fear of the federal government stepping in and prosecuting the marijuana industry. Sessions is leaving it up to each state’s federal prosecutor to decide on how to proceed. This happened just as California moved to implement …

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Jan 15

The United States Empire is Falling. What does that mean?

In his latest book, “In the Shadow of the American Century: The rise and decline of US global power,” Alfred McCoy writes about the tools used by the United States to maintain global domination and how its status is declining. McCoy predicts that China will replace the US as the dominant global power holder by 2030. …

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Jan 05

Special Report: Are the Long-Term US Regime Change Efforts behind Iran Protests?

This is our first Special Report recorded in the new Popular Resistance Studio. We talked to Mostafa Afzalzadeh from Tehran about what the current protests in Iran are about and where they are going. Mostafa has been an independent journalist in Iran for 15 years and a documentary filmmaker. One of his documentaries is Manufacturing …

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Jan 02

Movement Strategy for our Times

In 2017, more people became activated for social justice. At the same time, white supremacist groups became more visible, marching with torches and chanting words of hatred. There were conflicts between people who disagreed over what tactics would be most effective in stopping the rise of white supremacy and fascism and achieving greater equality and …

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Dec 27

Issues that Drive the Coming Transformation

The year 2017 has been another active year for people fighting on a wide range of fronts. The Trump administration has brought many issues that have existed for years out into the open where they are more difficult to deny – racism, colonialism, imperialism, capitalism and patriarchy and the crises they create. There will be …

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Dec 19

Organizing for our Rights to Internet Equality

On December 14, 2017, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), lead by chairman Ajit Pai, voted to dismantle the hard-won net neutrality rules, going against widespread public support for those rules. The public organized in a massive effort to stop the vote, and now organizations, states and people are taking action to revoke and challenge the …

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Nov 21

The Great and Growing Wealth Divide in the United States

A new report released by Chuck Collins and Josh Hoxie of the Institute for Policy Studies, “Billionaire Bonanza 2017: The Forbes 400 and the Rest of Us,” reveals that only 3 people in the US hold wealth equivalent to the bottom 50% of the population, about 160 million people. The wealth divide is getting more …

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Oct 24

Divestment from Wars and Wall Street

Two new divestment campaigns launched this year. One is the Divest from the War Machine campaign, led by CODEPINK and endorsed by more than 60 organizations, which is targeting weapons manufacturers. The other, Mazaska (Money) Talks, is an Indigenous-led campaign that began after Seattle divested from Wells Fargo for being a major investor in the …

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Oct 10

Corporate Assaults on Our Rights and the Environment

We discuss two of the many assaults on our communities by corporations that put their profits above the health and safety of people. The first is the re-negotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) by the Trump administration. Bill Waren of Friends of the Earth explains how this process is more secretive than …

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Sep 19

The Truth About the Vietnam War

PBS is currently airing a ten-part documentary about the Vietnam War by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick that is financed by the Koch Brothers and Bank of America and promoted by the Pentagon. We speak with Vietnam scholar, Professor Bob Buzzanco about the real history of the Vietnam War, what led to it and the …

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