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Nov 25

Black Lives Hold No Value, New leader at Pentagon Will Mean More War

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BLACK LIVES HOLD NO VALUE   “The chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus said a grand jury’s decision not to indict a white police officer who shot and killed a black teenager last summer sends the message that ‘black lives hold no value’,” begins a piece at The Hill this morning. After the decision was announced in Ferguson, …

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Nov 24

It’s Okay For Cops To Shoot Black Teens?, War Specifically Designed For Nuclear Profits, Obamacare: Corporate Greed On Steroids

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DON’T THEY KNOW IT’S OKAY FOR COPS TO SHOOT BLACK TEENS?   “A woman accidentally shot and killed herself late Friday with a gun she bought to protect herself from unrest in Ferguson,” begins a report at Raw Story this morning.  Corporate media have frightened the masses.  We’ve seen CNN reports where business owners  stated they fear their businesses will be burned …

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Nov 21

Inadequate Reform, More Reasons To Hate Walmart, Red Mist Rising: Inside The World’s Most Powerful Terrorist Organization

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INADEQUATE REFORM   Last night, President Obama put forth his plans for an executive action on much-needed immigration reform that is being called ‘bittersweet’ by many groups who advocate for immigrant rights.   David Bacon, from the Dignity Campaign, issued this response: “The administration’s decision to step away, at least partially, from the policy of mass deportations that …

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Nov 20

As The Cold War Heats Up, Human Rights In The Land Of The Free, Metastasizing Of The Police State Of America,


AS THE COLD WAR HEATS UP “Ukraine rules out direct talks with separatists” screams a headline at Reuters this morning.  Kiev doesn’t want peace, they want to impose the will of their Molotov-cocktail throwing followers on those upset that their elected government was violently overthrown. What is at the center of this is clear in another headline, at The Guardian, …

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Nov 19

Putin Draws A Line In The Sand, Our Government Sinks To A New Low Of Disgusting, Ten Illegal Police Actions To Watch For In Ferguson

PUTIN DRAWS A LINE IN THE SAND   “Moscow will not allow the defeat of pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned, arguing that both sides need to make concessions for a floundering peace deal to succeed,” from a statement in an interview with German ARD television. It is difficult to fathom what the …

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Nov 18

Another Act Of War Against Native Americans, Protests Will Be Met With Maximum Force, The Persecution Of Julian Assange

ANOTHER ACT OF WAR AGAINST NATIVE AMERICANS   The senate vote on the Keystone pipeline is stuck at 59 votes, needing 60 to pass.  The vote is for the Dems to help Mary Landrieu with her Louisiana runoff election, so that she can show the oil interests she is all in for selling out the environment …

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Nov 17

National Disgrace, Just Shut Up And Take Your Happy Pills!, Who Needs Republicans?

 NATIONAL DISGRACE A new report on homeless children in the US finds the highest levels ever, with 2.5 million, or 1 in 30  children living without a permanent roof over their heads.   “The report cites the major drivers behind the crisis, which include: 1) the nation’s high poverty rate; 2) a lack of affordable housing across …

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Oct 29

More Fallout From The Bankster Scams, Viva Fidel, Gravity 1 – Rocket 0, Gop Betrays Social Security-cutting Dems


MORE FALLOUT FROM THE BANKSTER SCAMS “Children remain ‘the most enduring victims’ of the recession in the world’s wealthiest nations, where 2.6 million children have fallen below the poverty line since 2008, a new report from UNICEF reveals,” begins a piece at Common Dreams this morning. More fallout from the bankster scams that destroyed the world economy, causing …

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Oct 28

Snowden 2.0 Is Caught By The Fbi, Israel Steals More Land, The Myth Of The Free Press

SNOWDEN 2.0 IS CAUGHT BY THE FBI “Federal authorities in the United States have reportedly set their sights on a government contractor suspected of being the source responsible for leaking documents in the aftermath of the unauthorized disclosures attributed to Edward Snowden,” begins a piece at Russia Today.   This would be the “second Snowden,” or “Snowden …

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Oct 27

When Does Our Government Act On Climate Change?, Nobel Peace Prize Winners Challenge Obama, What Would Bernie Do?

WHEN DOES OUR GOVERNMENT ACT ON CLIMATE CHANGE? “Climate change may have ‘serious, pervasive and irreversible’ impacts on human society and nature, according to a draft U.N. report due for approval this week that says governments still have time to avert the worst,” begins a report this morning. But elected officials, in the Land of …

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