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Aug 22

Next Up: Targeting Syria, Increasing Tension In Ukraine, Ferguson Unmasks The War On Black America


NEXT UP: TARGETING SYRIA “At a press briefing at the Pentagon on Thursday, Chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff Army Gen. Martin Dempsey said his determination is that the only way to adequately defeat the ISIS militants in Iraq is by expanding military operations—including possible U.S. airstrikes—into neighboring Syria.”, begins a piece at Common Dreams. …

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Aug 21

A Death Threat To Protesters, Democrats Sell Out Labor – Labor Kisses Their Butt, Ukraine Crisis Continues

A DEATH THREAT TO PROTESTERS Since the start of the protests in Ferguson, MO, dissidents from the crowds have charged that police have pointed weapons at them, and this sort of violence has instigated violence in return from some within the protests.  Now we have proof, as a few nights ago a police officer named …

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Aug 20

The Whole World Is Watching, Julian Assange and Extradition

THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING…   “Racial tensions in Missouri were stoked again on Tuesday when police killed another African American man as authorities struggled to quell the nightly confrontations over the shooting of an unarmed teenager, Michael Brown, in Ferguson last week,” reports The Guardian this morning. As in the case of Michael Brown, we are not told why …

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Aug 19

More Arrests For Committing Journalism In Ferguson, Militarization of Main Street Cops, The Carnage of Capitalism


MORE ARRESTS FOR COMMITTING JOURNALISM IN FERGUSON   Brian Williams led off NBC News last night saying he was broadcasting from a Target store parking lot in Ferguson, MO., because the National Guard guaranteed his safety if he reported from that spot.  This is what passes for “journalism” in the mainstream press. Meanwhile, Getty photographer Scott Olson, said …

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Aug 18

Reporters Threatened In Ferguson For Journalism, To War? Is The Question Asked By Dems, Getting Beyond Propaganda In Ukraine, Local Police Will Be Militarized As Long As Fed Government Is


REPORTERS THREATENED IN FERGUSON FOR ATTEMPTED JOURNALISM “Police turned on journalists in Ferguson once again on Sunday night, briefly detaining three reporters and threatening to shoot and mace others,” begins a piece at Huffpost this morning. It continues, “In the most chilling incident on Sunday, police threatened to shoot Mustafa Hussein, a reporter who was filming for local Argus Radio.  …

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Aug 15

Ferguson Defused?, Misery And Starvation In Gaza, Worker Insecurity In The US, America: Young Black Men Have No Right To Life


FERGUSON DEFUSED? Yesterday, after Missouri governor Jay Nixon replaced the hyper-militarized Ferguson police force with the Missouri State Highway Patrol, residents were allowed to peacefully protest the murder of 18 year-old Michael Brown last night, with officers, sans body armor, walking along with them.   Glenn Greenwald gives us the history of the …

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Aug 14

War Crimes In Afghanistan, Who Shot Down Mh17?, Obama’s “two Party” Duplicity, Islamic State Now Eating The Former Iraq

AMERICAN WAR CRIMES IN AFGHANISTAN   “The U.S. military has systematically covered up or disregarded ‘abundant and compelling evidence’ of war crimes, torture, and unlawful killings in Afghanistan as recently as last year, according to a report by Amnesty International,” begins a piece at The Daily Beast this morning.   WHO SHOT DOWN MALAYSIAN FLIGHT MH17 OVER UKRAINE? …

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Aug 13

Israeli Shame American Shame, 3rd World Americans Ask The U.N. For Help From Government, National Pentagon Radio, 6 Biggest Marketing Myths To Convince You GMOs Are Great


ISRAELI SHAME, AMERICAN SHAME   “The United Nations Human Rights Council on Monday announced the appointment of experts to carry out an independent commission charged with investigating possible war crimes during the month-long assault on Gaza that has killed nearly 2,000 Palestinians and 67 Israelis,” begins a piece at Common Dreams this morning. “But the Barack Obama administration’s public posture …

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Aug 12

Media: Make War Not Love, Obama Sells Out The Environment, This Week’s Clearing The Fog, Our Health Care Dead Matter Less Than War Dead?

MEDIA:  MAKE WAR, NOT LOVE   Russia is sending aid to the ravaged population of Eastern Ukraine, who, under constant attack from their government, are running out of food and water and have no electricity.  Over 700,000 are now refugees in Russia to escape the carnage.  Most of this is suppressed in Western news which …

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Aug 11

Media Guests Unite To Attack Obama For Not Bombing, Meanwhile Back In Ukraine, No You May Not Enjoy A Bit of Privacy, Obama Isn’t Half the Man of Richard Nixon


MEDIA GUESTS UNITE TO ATTACK OBAMA FOR NOT BOMBING ENOUGH Doing his best to promote increased violence in the Middle East, Sen. Graham yesterday asked President Obama to wage more war in Syria and Iraq or face an attack on the homeland. War mongers like he and his sidekick Sen. McCain get massive media coverage …

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