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Jul 23

Blood & Hatred In The Holy Land, What Putin Knows


BLOOD AND HATRED IN THE HOLY LAND   Madeleine Albright came on CNN at 1:25 EST yesterday to say to Wolf Blitzer (who actually left AIPAC to become a CNN “journalist”), that “Israel has a right to defend itself”  although she opined it is “hard to watch innocents being killed.”  One recalls she didn’t think it was so hard …

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Jul 22

FBI: A Terrorist Organization?, June = Hottest Month On Record, If You Believed the US Secretary of State’s Lie – Hear This One


FBI:  A TERRORIST ORGANIZATION?   French news screams a headline this morning–  “FBI pushed Muslims to plot terrorist attacks: rights report.” A new report from Human Rights Watch has it that “In some cases the FBI may have created terrorists out of law-abiding individuals by suggesting the idea of taking terrorist action or encouraging the target …

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Jul 21

The Massacre In Gaza, US Ranks Near The Bottom In Energy Efficiency, It was Putin’s missile?


THE MASSACRE IN GAZA   “US President Barack Obama has called for an “immediate ceasefire” between Israel and Hamas as the death toll among Palestinians in the Gaza Strip reached 508,” reports The Guardian this morning. Such comments are intended to fool the masses, as Obama continues sending billions of dollars worth of lethal weapons to Israel. The …

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Jul 18

Ground Forces Invade Gaza, Demonizing Refugee Children, Malaysian Liner Down—The Butler Didn’t Do It


GROUND FORCES INVADE GAZA A piece from Common Dreams begins: “Nearly thirty Palestinians were killed overnight after Israel escalated its ongoing barrage of the Gaza Strip with a ground invasion that included IDF troops and tanks crossing the border, new waves of heavy artillery fire, and a surge in airstrikes from above. According to the …

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Jul 17

Ok To Kill Gazans If You Tell Them to Move First, Major Economic News, Assange Update, Obama & CIA

OKAY TO KILL GAZANS IF YOU FIRST ASK THEM TO MOVE   “Human Rights Watch said in a statement Wednesday that [Israel] “providing warnings [to the people of Gaza] does not make an otherwise unlawful attack lawful,” reports al Jazeera.  Our mainstream news media report that Israel has warned Gazans to leave their homes because bombing is about to …

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Jul 16

FCC Website Crashed, White House PR Undermined By Boycott, Obama Still Trying To Restart The Old Cold War, BRICS against Washington consensus


FCC WEB SITE CRASHED   Comments to the Federal Communications Commission have been so heavy their web site has crashed, so people couldn’t get their comments in at the deadline yesterday.  Because of this, the deadline is extended to Friday.  Keep it up folks, you’re doing a great job.  Keep up with the latest at Popular Resistance, …

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Jul 15

Last Day For FCC Comments, CitiBank Execs still not arrested, Israel Captive To Its “Destructive Process”


LAST DAY FOR COMMENTS ABOUT NET NEUTRALITY TO FCC   Today is the last day for comments to the Federal Communications Commission on Net Neutrality.  Send them an email to:  Some of the most powerful internet corporations are calling for the Net to remain neutral, including Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Netflix, so we’re not alone.  Ask …

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Jul 14

Latest Invasion of Your Civil Liberties, CNN: Palestinians Want To Die


THE LATEST INVASION OF YOUR CIVIL LIBERTIES “The Senate is giving more power to the NSA, in secret. Everyone should fight it,”screams a headline this morning from The Guardian.   “One of the most underrated benefits of Edward Snowden’s leaks was how they forced the US Congress to shelve the dangerous, privacy-destroying legislation– then known as Cispa …

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Jul 11

Spies Everywhere, New Cold War Continues, Us Tax $ Support Israelis Who Kill Arabs, Netanyahu’s War


SPIES EVERYWHERE “Diplomatic relations between Germany and the US plunged to a new low after Angela Merkel’s government asked the top representative of America’s secret services in Germany to leave the country” begins a piece at The Guardian this morning.  Spying under the Obama Administration would appear to have either reached new highs, or is more bumbling, with …

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Jul 10

The Bombing of Gaza, Attack on Crimea To Start WWIII, Cultures of Hatred


THE BOMBING OF GAZA “The death toll in Gaza has risen to 64 after 14 people – including seven women and children – were killed in Israeli airstrikes as Operation Protective Edge entered its third day. At least 18 children have been killed since Tuesday,” begins a piece at Russia Today this morning. Common Dreams reports “The White House on Tuesday …

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