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May 13

Win for the People, Cooler Heads Prevailing?, US Press Dismiss Seymour Hersh


A WIN FOR THE PEOPLE “Victory for Grassroots as Fast Track Goes Down in Crucial Senate Vote,” screams the headline at Common Dreams this morning.  Only one Democrat, Senator Carper of Delaware, voted with the Republicans to give President Obama “fast track” authority.  Carper will not be funded by the Democratic Party in his next …

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May 12

Obama Pressured to Answer for Torture, We must All be Conservatives, Inside the Billion Dollar Brain


Obama Administration Faces Mounting Pressure To Answer For Torture   “The Obama administration is facing renewed pressure to answer for its track record on torture after the relative calm that followed the release of the Senate torture report’s damning executive summary in December,” begins a piece by Ali Watkins this morning.  Because of a corrupt …

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May 11

Ready for Another War?, ‘Clinton Cash’ War Room, Monsanto Threatening Children


WHO’S READY FOR ANOTHER WAR? “A top commander warned that Iran is ready for an all-out war with US, alleging that aggression against Tehran ‘will mobilize the Muslim world’ against it. The remarks follow Secretary of State John Kerry’s claims that military force was still an option,” begins a piece atRussia Today this morning. Americans …

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May 08

World Gone Mad, NSA Phone Surveillance Illegal, Marching On Mother’s Day


A WORLD GONE MAD From Common Dreams we learn: “Thursday’s United Kingdom elections brought a surprise lurch to the right, with the Conservative Party seizing the majority of Parliamentary seats and Prime Minister David Cameron sweeping back to power with more muscle behind him this time.” “Cameron immediately signaled that he plans to oppose independence …

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May 07

Can we Save the Planet?, International Condemnation, Hillary’s Coronation, Right to Criticize the Gov’t


CAN WE SAVE OUR PLANET? “Marking yet another grim milestone for an ever-warming planet, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration revealed on Wednesday that, for the first time in recorded history, global levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere averaged over 400 parts per million for an entire month—in March 2015,” begins a piece at …

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May 06

“Free Trade” Sellout, Hillary Fools Her Followers, Israel Slammed Over Treatment of Children, Who is Bombing Who?


INSIDE THE “FREE TRADE” SELLOUT It should come as no surprise that insiders with access to the secrets of the “free” trade deals being negotiated are releasing information that is favorable to their cause, and hiding information where there is a conflict with public statements that workers and the environment are protected, according to Congressman …

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May 05

Israeli War Crimes, Corrupt Gov’t Sells Us Out, Shredding Democracy, “War on Terra”


ISRAELI WAR CRIMES UNCOVERED “‘Indiscriminate’ Killing in Gaza Was Top-Down War Plan, say Israeli Veterans,” screams aheadline at Common Dreams this morning. “The ‘massive and unprecedented harm’ inflicted on the population of Gaza during last summer’s 50-day Israeli military assault stemmed from the top of the chain of command, which gave orders to shoot indiscriminately …

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May 04

Drone Ranger Strikes Again, Revolution!, Murder’s Loophole


THE DRONE RANGER STRIKES AGAIN A piece at Common Dreams begins: “A U.S. military strike on Friday targeting fighters with the Islamic State has killed 52 civilians, including 7 children and 9 women, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported on Saturday. According to the human rights watchdog group, an additional 13 Syrian civilians are …

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May 01

How to destroy the planet, report corruption?, Happy May Day, Obama’s “No growth, no jobs, no recovery”


  HUMANS:  HOW TO DESTROY A PERFECTLY GOOD PLANET Stories out this morning indicate we are destroying our planet in many ways. First, one from Nick Visser titled, “One In Six Species Could Disappear Due To Climate Change, New Study Finds.” Next, one from al Jazeera titled, “Scientists discover swirling, oxygen-depleted dead zones in North …

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Apr 30

Protest for Freddie continues, Hypocrisy Hillary, Clinton Foundation


Protest for Freddie Continues “Thousands of people nationwide joined marches on Wednesday evening to protest the death of Freddie Gray under uncertain circumstances in a Baltimore police van after his arrest earlier this month,” begins a piece at al Jazeera this morning. In Baltimore, protesters schooled the corporate media this week, upset at the misinformation …

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