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Feb 19

Foreign And Domestic Ties In Torture, Big Surprise: More Fbi Spyin Stage For Another Proxy War In Yemen


FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC TIES IN TORTURE “A Chicago detective who led one of the most shocking acts of torture ever conducted at Guantánamo Bay was responsible for implementing a disturbingly similar, years-long regime of brutality to elicit murder confessions from minority Americans,” begins a piece at The Guardian this morning. It is shameful that we …

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Feb 18

Eternal Wars are Growing, NSA Global Hard Drive Based Spying Program


THE ETERNAL WARS ARE GROWING… It was just last May that The NY Times reported “President Obama, declaring that it was ‘time to turn the page on a decade in which so much of our foreign policy was focused on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq,’ announced on Tuesday that he planned to withdraw the …

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Feb 17

No Bankster Left Behind, Win By Nuclear Mafia, Ukraine Denouement

NO BANKSTER LEFT BEHIND “Hunger is on the rise among children in the US,” begins a piece at HuffPost this morning, adding that nearly half of low income children don’t eat breakfast in the richest nation on earth. Another report indicates that aid to the poor often excludes the neediest among us.   ANOTHER WIN …

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Feb 16

War Continues In Ukraine, “You Know, Those Principles You Like”, Frankenfood Apples, Putin Did It Conspiracy Theory

WAR CONTINUES IN UKRAINE The cease fire that went into effect in Ukraine yesterday appears to have already failed.  Both sides accuse the other of violating the agreement.   RUNNING ON “YOU KNOW, THOSE PRINCIPLES YOU LIKE” Hillary Clinton is not taking positions that are controversial as she pretends to not be running a stealth …

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Feb 13

Neverending War On The Poor, Vote Your Conscience, 13-year-old Yemeni Boy Burned To Death By A Drone


THE NEVERENDING WAR ON THE POOR     “Republican opposition to a plan that would shore up a critical government safety-net program amounts to a new front in the GOP’s class war and could equal a “death sentence” for many poor recipients, defenders of Social Security said this week.”, begins a piece at Common Dreams. …

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Feb 12

Republicans Go After Net Neutrality, World Holds Its Breath, Enacting “Imperial President” Into Law?, Warmongering Record Of Hillary Clinton


REPUBLICANS GO AFTER NET NEUTRALITY       Alex Byers this morning takes us inside the Republican plan to undermine net neutrality.  With control of both Houses of Congress the Republicans carry a big stick, and they are pretending to care about net neutrality even as they attempt to undermine it.  This may be the most important issue …

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Feb 11

Another War Is Getting “authorized”, Marching Toward World War, Shock: There Is Gambling In The Casino!, Is Peace Or War At Hand?


ANOTHER WAR IS GETTING “AUTHORIZED”   “Barack Obama’s proposed framework for the US-led war against the Islamic State will not restrict the battlefield to Iraq and Syria, multiple congressional sources said on Tuesday, placing the US into a second simultaneous global war that will outlast his presidency,” begins a piece at The Guardian this morning. …

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Feb 10

Internet Still Under Attack, Nobel Peace Prize On The Way?, The Terror We Give Is The Terror We Get

INTERNET STILL UNDER ATTACK     Julia Graber has a piece this morning showing how those high up in our government who take large sums of money from cable companies are working to undermine net neutrality.  The battle for internet freedom has only just begun.   ANYBODY SMELL A NEW NOBEL PEACE PRIZE ON THE …

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Feb 09

Banksters In Cardiac Arrest?, Ukraine– The Other Side Of It, Jill Stein Explores, War: Where 69¢ of Each of Your Tax Dollars Goes

BANKSTERS IN CARDIAC ARREST? “Defiant Greek PM sets up EU clash with bailout rejection, austerity rollback,” screams the headline from Reuters this morning.  It would appear the Greek uprising continues, pushing the capitalist masters of the universe into cardiac arrest. Domestically, the banksters and their government enablers have another problem, as The Guardian reveals one …

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Feb 06

Reintroduction Of Medicare For All, Kiriakou Released, Burning Victims To Death: Still A Common Practice


REINTRODUCTION OF MEDICARE FOR ALL From Physicians For A National Health Program: “A national physicians group today hailed the reintroduction of a federal bill that would upgrade the Medicare program and swiftly expand it to cover the entire population.” “The “Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act,” H.R. 676, introduced last night by Rep. John …

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