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Jun 26

We’re In The Midst Of A Political Realignment

Decades of lesser evil voting and the failed policies that have been the result are creating a political realignment in the United States. Such a realignment has been going on in other countries recently such as Spain, Venezuela, Greece and Iceland. The two major parties in the US, the Democrats and Republicans, are shrinking and …

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Jun 13

FBI Stings of Muslims Worsen Bigotry and Security

A study from 2014 showed that 99% of domestic terrorist plots in the US are aided in some way by the FBI; only 4 out of 400 were not FBI stings. And human rights groups found that the way the sting operations are conducted violate human rights. Sue Udry of Defending Dissent will speak about …

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Jun 04

The TPP is What Plutocracy Looks Like

As President Obama completes his final term in office, his administration is working closely with Big Business and Big Finance to sneak the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) through Congress during the lame duck session after the November election. The TPP is an international agreement that was negotiated in secret with the help of hundreds of corporate …

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May 26

Corean Peace Delegation Works for End to Korean War

Three members of the Corean Alliance for Independent Reunification and Democracy (CAIRD) are in the United States on a peace expedition. They speak with us about the brutal history of the US’ involvement in Korea and their work to end the Korean War, bring reunification and build democracy. Their work builds on decades of work …

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May 22

Escalating the Resistance to Fossil Fuels

May has been a month of escalated resistance to fossil fuel industries and a call for a rapid transition to clean renewable sources of energy. The month began with Break Free: two weeks of direct action targeting coal, oil and gas around the world. That was followed by a week of action called the Rubber …

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May 13

Talking about a Political Revolution and the Sanders Campaign

We discuss the current election environment in the context of the movement: how the movement has impacted the campaigns and the political parties and what a political revolution means.  Our guests discuss their ideas for continuing the momentum beyond this election season and for having an impact on whomever is elected.   Listen here:   …

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May 07

The Next System Project: Life in the United States After Capitalism

We speak with Joe Guinan and Dana Brown of the Next System Project about their ambitious work to draw from new economic institutions that are being used in the United States and around the world to build real alternatives that solve the crises of economic, racial and environmental injustice. They just completed a series of …

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May 02

Building Power for Worker Rights

On the day after May Day, we focus on the current situation for workers and how they are building power to lift up wages and worker rights. We speak with Professor Richard Wolff of Democracy at Work and Mike Somers, President of CWA Local 2100. Nearly 40,000 CWA members have been on strike against Verizon …

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Apr 23

Ending Israeli Apartheid, Protecting Palestinian Rights

We speak with two Refusers from Israel, Yasmin Yablonko and Khaled Farrag, who are on tour in the United States to raise awareness about the conditions that youth face in Israel. Yasmin and Khaled are part of a coalition of organizations called the Refuser Solidarity Network that supports teenagers who decide not to serve in …

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Apr 17

One Year After the Baltimore Uprising

On the one year anniversary after the uprising in Baltimore over the murder of Freddie Gray, we broadcast a two-hour special live from Baltimore. We speak with people who are directly impacted by police violence and those who are working to stop the injustices.   Listen here:   Relevant articles and websites: Baltimore Man Shot …

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