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Mar 22

Detroit Resistance to Neo-liberal Assault

In March, 2013, Detroit was placed under the control of an appointed emergency manager, Kevyn Orr, despite protests from local residents. Facing a severe financial crisis, the city later filed Chapter 9 Bankruptcy. Several years prior to the emergency manager for the city, the Governor replaced the school board with an appointed manager, Robert Bob, …

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Mar 15

Venezuela, The Small Country that Frightens the US

President Obama recently declared the small South American country of Venezuela to be a security threat to the largest empire in the history of the world. And the US commercial media fails to question this declaration. On this show, we discuss in depth why Venezuela frightens elites in the US. We talk about the Venezuelan …

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Mar 08

New Fronts of US Militarism & The Spring Rising

Clearing The FOG will examine the new fronts of US militarism: the encirclement of China with the Asian Pivot, NATO surrounding Russia and the Ukraine trap for Russian President Putin; as well as the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East. In addition, we’ll be discussing the Spring Rising organized by peace activist Cindy Sheehan. “Spring …

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Feb 15

Don’t Let the Internet Die – What comes next after Title II?

In 2003, the Internet was reclassified as an information service instead of a public utility which reduced the Federal Communication Commission’s ability to control the giant telecoms’ behavior. Ever since, defenders of Internet freedom have been fighting to make it a public utility or common carrier again and the telecoms have been fighting to further …

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Feb 12

Still Fighting for a Healthcare System

We are now 5 years into the national healthcare law, the Affordable Care Act. The deadline for purchasing insurance this year is Feb. 15. Although more people have health insurance, we have not changed the healthcare system in the United States. The same problems of lack of access to care because of cost, medical debt …

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Jan 29

Critical Time to Stop Fast Track and the TPP

We’ve covered the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) many times over the past several years. It is a huge international agreement that covers trade and enhances corporate power that has been negotiated in secret by the Obama administration for more than five years. Members of Congress have had restricted access to the text of the agreement and …

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Jan 18

Reclaiming the Radical Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Coast to coast communities are celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. Day this year by rejecting the watered-down version of Dr. King and lifting up the Dr. King who questioned capitalism, who saw the connections between racism, militarism and economic injustice and who promoted independent politics. We will speak about Dr. King’s politics and how they …

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Jan 09

An Hour With Climate Justice Activist Tim DeChristopher

We spend the hour with Tim DeChristopher who is most known for his action as “Bidder 70″ to stop the illegal sale of public lands for oil and gas. For that act he served 21 months in prison. DeChristopher continues to work on climate justice with front line groups and youth. He also works to …

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Jan 01

Building the Culture of Resistance in 2015

We bring together several activists to speak about the new year in resistance. We’ll discuss the top issues of 2015 and what we can expect as the movement of movements for social, economic and environmental justice continues to grow. Joining us are Kathy Kelly of Voices for Creative Nonviolence who has been focused on building …

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Dec 28

2014, Year of Resistance in Review

Above photo by Robert van Waarden of Survival Media Agency. At the beginning of the year, 2014 was called “the year that everything changed,” and indeed it has been a turning point for a number of resistance movements in the United States. We look back over the past 12 months and discuss some of the …

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