Divestment from Wars and Wall Street

Two new divestment campaigns launched this year. One is the Divest from the War Machine campaign, led by CODEPINK and endorsed by more than 60 organizations, which is targeting weapons manufacturers. The other, Mazaska (Money) Talks, is an Indigenous-led campaign that began after Seattle divested from Wells Fargo for being a major investor in the Dakota Access Pipeline. Mazaska Talks is now a global campaign targeting Wall Street banks for the many harmful investments they make and promoting public banks as a positive alternative.

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Haley Pederson is with CODEPINK. She directs the Divest from the War Machine campaign.

Rachel Heaton is a Muckleshoot tribal member and lives in Washington State. She was part of the Defund DAPL coalition that won divestment from Wells Fargo by the city of Seattle and then Heaton co-founded the Mazaska Talks campaign. She has traveled to Standing Rock many times and toured Europe in the Spring of 2017 to talk about divestment.