Nov 06

Putting People, Planet and Peace Over Profit

On the eve of the election in an unprecedented election year, we speak with Dr. Jill Stein, Green Party candidate for President in the US, for an hour about the campaign, the Green Party and how to build political power for radical change in the United States.   Listen here:   Relevant articles and websites: …

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Oct 30

The Joke’s On You! Election 2016

AKA: Happy Halloween, If the Elections Weren’t So Scary, They’d be Hilarious Decades of lesser evil voting and a growing plutocracy have brought us to the two most hated presidential candidates in history. The public discourse has devolved to discussion of the illegal behaviors of the candidates while the United States and the planet are …

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Oct 16

Is the U.S. at War With Russia?

Tensions are mounting between the United States and Russia. Foreign policy analysts are saying this is more than a new cold war. The European border with Russia has seen an increase in NATO troops, missile systems and bases, while Russia has moved troops and equipment to their border. Last week Russia held nuclear attack exercises, …

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Oct 10

This is What Food Justice Looks Like

Most people in the US buy their food in grocery stores with little knowledge of the human and environmental injustices that went into bringing it there or the fights to improve the quality of our food. Today we speak with Maru Mora-Villalpando, who works with Families United for Justice, about a campaign led by farm …

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Oct 03

The End of Oil Opens the Door to Solutionary Rail

The science is clear that no new fossil fuel infrastructure can be built. We must keep existing fossil fuels in the ground and transition rapidly to renewable energy sources. The government is not taking up this action, so people around the world are taking it upon themselves to stop fossil fuel projects. One current effort …

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Sep 12

An Hour with Ajamu Baraka

We speak with Ajamu Baraka about his work for decades as a human rights defender, about his current run for Vice President on the Green Party ticket and his activism at the Sacred Stone Camp in North Dakota recently in solidarity with the fight to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline.   Listen here:     …

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Aug 29

As Obamacare Crumbles, What Next For Health Care?

As predicted, major insurance companies are complaining that they are not making enough money and so they are pulling out of the health insurance exchanges. What does this mean for health professionals and patients? How do we solve the ongoing health care crisis in the United States? We speak with Sam Jordan about his fight …

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Aug 21

Time to Open the Presidential Debates

As we enter the final months of the presidential campaigns, voters are looking towards the debates. The first one will be in New York on September 26. However, unless we mobilize to change the process for presidential debates, voters will not get to hear the views of all candidates who are on the ballot in …

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Aug 15

Presidential Conventions are Over. What Now?

The final national presidential nominating convention is over for this election season. To discuss the upcoming elections and what they mean, we are joined by Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report and Eugene Puryear, an activist based in Washington, DC. What will it take to build the political power necessary for transformation to a more …

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Jun 26

We’re In The Midst Of A Political Realignment

Decades of lesser evil voting and the failed policies that have been the result are creating a political realignment in the United States. Such a realignment has been going on in other countries recently such as Spain, Venezuela, Greece and Iceland. The two major parties in the US, the Democrats and Republicans, are shrinking and …

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