People’s Congress of Resistance

As wealth inequality grows in the United States and people struggle to afford basic necessities, civil unrest is growing. Rather than responding with policies to address these unmet needs, the state responds with repression. The political system in the United States has lost its legitimacy and people are searching for alternatives. The People’s Congress of Resistance, which meets this September 16 – 17 in Washington, DC, is designed to shift political power to the people. We speak with two of the organizers, Walter Smolarek and Karina Garcia.


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Get Ready for a People’s Congress of Resistance

Congress of Resistance



Walter Smolarek is an organizer of the People’s Congress of Resistance who lives and organizes in Philadelphia.


Karina Garcia is founder and organizer of the Justice Center en El Barrio, based in East Harlem. Her organization is a convenor of the People’s Congress of Resistance.