Jan 01

A Presidency of Protest

Throughout 2016, there have been protests of presidential candidates, both Republican and Democrat. They took place during the primaries, at the conventions and through and after the election. No matter who was elected, it was clear that the next president would be a plutocrat who does not have the interests of the people or planet at heart. We will talk with three activists who are organizing protests around the inauguration about those actions and how they will build a presidency of protest so that the people set the political agenda.


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Robby Diesu is an organizer with DC Action Lab and the Disrupt J20 actions.

Yasmina Mrabet is an organizer with the ANSWER Coalition and one of the central organizers for the January 20 protest at the inauguration of Donald Trump.

Daniel Curcio is a founder of The Equality Coalition and a member of the steering committee of Occupy the Inauguration.