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Popular Resistance Is Building Up, from Hunger Strikes to Democracy Protests Across the Planet

The paradox of power is that the real power is with us, if we have the courage to use it. By Kevin Zeese, Margaret Flowers AlterNet, June 28, 2013  This week, there were many lessons in courage from people who overcame fears and created winning situations by turning power on its head and building the movement. On Wednesday morning, …

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Eric Snowden Had a Breaking Point, Where He Decided to Risk It All to Fix This Country — What’s Yours?

Change starts with action, and each of us has a way to contribute.    By Kevin Zeese, Margaret Flowers AlterNet, JUne 14, 2013 When Edward Snowden reached his breaking point, the world saw the truth about the vast extent of spying by the NSA on Americans and people around the world. In an act of conscience, Snowden released secret …

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A Forest of Poisonous Trees: The US Criminal (In)Justice System

  Wednesday, 03 April 2013 00:00By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers , Truthout | News Analysis   There is a doctrine in the law developed in 1939 by Justice Felix Frankfurter known as the Fruit of the Poisonous Tree. The thrust is that courts do not allow illegally obtained evidence to be used in a criminal prosecution. This fruit of …

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