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The Massacre In Gaza, US Ranks Near The Bottom In Energy Efficiency, It was Putin’s missile?




“US President Barack Obama has called for an “immediate ceasefire” between Israel and Hamas as the death toll among Palestinians in the Gaza Strip reached 508,” reports The Guardian this morning.

Such comments are intended to fool the masses, as Obama continues sending billions of dollars worth of lethal weapons to Israel. The report continues, “At least 120 Palestinians were killed on Sunday in Shujai’iya, a third of them women and children.”

Americans are being subjected to intense one-sided propaganda as the massacre continues, with reporters who stray from the propaganda line being removed from the scene.  The Intercept reports this morning that Ayman Mohyeldin has been told to leave by NBC executive, David Verdi after he reported on the deaths of four Palestinian children by Israeli Defense Forces.

And CNN removed Diana Magnay after she reported on Israelis cheering on the Israeli missiles raining down on Gaza and threatening to destroy her car if she said “a word wrong.”  She has been sent to Moscow.

Corporate media often tell us they represent a “free press.”





“California officials have ordered an emergency shut-down of 11 oil and gas waste injection sites and a review more than 100 others in the state’s drought-wracked Central Valley out of fear that companies may have been pumping fracking fluids and other toxic waste into drinking water aquifers there,” begins a report at Pro Publica this morning.

But this is a small victory for the environment and the people of the USA, as a report this morning shows that the USA ranks near the bottom globally in energy efficiency.  Could this be because Big Oil, Big Coal, and Big Gas (the frackers in the paragraph above) have a tight grip on the political campaigns of easily-bribed scumbags who run our government and want the inefficiency to continue at any cost to the environment and human life?




Listening to the endless propaganda all weekend about the Malaysian passenger jet shot down over Ukraine, I heard the Ukrainian government account through mainstream press about a hundred times.  They cite conversations they claim are between Ukrainians who are ethnic Russians and Russian intelligence agents, taking credit for downing the plane.  I suspected these were faked from the start because they are exactly the words one would need to finger an enemy, and human beings don’t have such concisely-damning conversations, one after another, using only the minimal words needed for self condemnation.

In essence, the first recording claims responsibility for shooting down the plane, the second is an oops, passenger plane comment intended to indicate that rebels shot down the plane and only realized afterward that it was not a Ukrainian military aircraft.  The words are exactly the evidence one would want as a prosecutor taking a murderer to trial.

Saturday I heard an ex FBI agent on CNN say these recordings the Ukrainian government is putting forth as evidence that the plane was shot down by ethnic Russians or Russians, are in stereo, and in all the decades of covert work he’s done, he’s never heard of a covert recording that showed up in stereo.  Maybe the Ukrainians have pushed the propaganda just a little bit too far by making this recording too excellent for reality.

The Russians say that one of the recordings is not manufactured, of an actual conversation, but about an earlier Ukrainian military plane shot down in the region.  I have not heard any US mass media source citing this.  Paul Craig Roberts says that one of the recordings may actually have been made the day before the plane was shot down.

Anyhow, the entire corporate media are blaming Eastern Ukrainian ethnic Russians, and Russia/Putin for the disaster without putting forth a shred of hard evidence to support this. Here is the official Russian response— entirely ignored by Western “journalists,” who claim to give a balanced report.

Every once in awhile the rat-faced Ukrainian Prime Minister Yatsenyuk shows up on all TV news channels to plead for nations of the world “to support the Ukrainian government to bring to justice those bastards who committed this international crime.”  This from the State Department’s choice to run Ukraine after a US-supported violent overthrow of the elected government– a guy who works closely with neonazis and shows open hatred for ethnic Russians.

Another “smoking gun” the mainstream press put out, over and over again, is video of a Russian air defense system headed for Russia, missing one missile.  One has to take the word of the Ukrainian government that it’s headed for Russia, and that this happened after the shoot down of the plane, and that it’s not one of their air defense units (corporate media do not make it clear, but it is true that Ukraine uses the same Russian made air defense systems, and Russian intelligence claims Ukraine had such weapons systems in the area within striking range of the passenger plane shot down).

From the start I thought the Ukrainian government would be the ones to benefit from shooting down innocents, while allowing that the rebels might have done it, after Ukraine directed the aircraft to fly over the spot where several military aircraft had been shot down.  Yatsenyuk needs this disaster to rally support for wiping out his dissidents.  CNNpropagandist Fareed Zakaria yesterday invited the  Russian-hating Zbigniew Brzezinski as his guest to proclaim that Putin was behind the downing of the plane which was “taken down by his thugs.”

Pepe Escobar has done masterful work in showing, step by step, a viewpoint that corporate media are suppressing, following (and this report, by Roger Annis is also excellent, showing that the Ukrainian government is slaughtering rebels even as the plane crash story distracts the masses, and this report by journalist Robert Parry indicating that Ukrainian troops may have done the dirty deed)  –Jack Balkwill

It was Putin’s missile?



by Pepe Escobar

Here’s the spin war verdict: the current Malaysian Airlines tragedy – the second in four months – is “terrorism” perpetrated by “pro-Russian separatists” armed by Russia and Putin is the main culprit. End of story. Anyone who believes otherwise, shut up.

Why? Because the CIA said so. Because Hillary ‘We came, we saw, he died’ Clinton said so. Because crazy Samantha ‘R2P’ Power said so – thundering at the UN, everything duly printed by the neo-con infested Washington Post.

Because Anglo-American corporate media – from CNN to Fox (who tried to buy Time Warner, which owns CNN) – said so. Because the President of the United States (POTUS) said so. And mostly because Kiev had vociferously said so in the first place.

Right off the bat they were all lined up – the invariably hysterical reams of ‘experts’ of the ‘US intelligence community’ literally foaming at their palatial mouths at ‘evil’ Russia and ‘evil’ Putin; intel ‘experts’ who could not identify a convoy of gleaming white Toyotas crossing the Iraqi desert to take Mosul. And yet they have already sentenced; they don’t need to look any further, instantly solving the MH17 riddle.

It doesn’t matter that President Putin has stressed the MH17 tragedy must be investigated objectively. And‘objectively’ certainly does not mean that fictional ‘international community’ notion construed by Washington – the usual congregation of pliable vassals/patsies.

And what about Carlos?

A simple search reveals that MH17 was in fact diverted 200km north from the usual flight path taken by Malaysian Airlines in the previous days – and plunged right in the middle of a war zone. Why? What sort of communication had MH17 received from the Kiev air control tower?

Kiev has been mute about it. Yet the answer would be simple, had Kiev released the Air Traffic Control recording of the tower talking to flight MH17; Malaysia did it after flight MH370 disappeared forever.

It won’t happen; SBU security confiscated it. So much for getting an undoctored explanation as to why MH17 was off its path, and what the pilots saw and said before the explosion.

The Russian Defense Ministry, for its part, has confirmed that a Kiev-controlled Buk anti-aircraft missile battery was operational near the MH17’s crash. Kiev has deployed several batteries of Buk surface-to-air missile systems with at least 27 launchers; these are all perfectly capable of bringing down jets flying at 33,000 ft.

Radiation from a battery’s Kupol radar, deployed as part of a Buk-M1 battery near Styla [a village some 30km south of Donetsk] was detected by the Russian military. According to the ministry, the radar could be providing tracking information to another battery which was at a firing distance from MH17’s flight path.

The tracking radar range on the Buk system is a maximum of 50 miles (80km). MH17 was flying at 500mph. So assuming the ‘rebels’ had an operational Buk and did it, they would have had not more than five minutes to scan all the skies above, all possible altitudes, and then lock on. By then they would have known that a cargo plane could not possibly be flying that high.

For evidence supporting the possibility of a false flag, check here.

And then there’s the curiouser and curiouser story of Carlos, the Spanish air traffic controller working at Kiev’s tower, who was following MH17 in real time. For some Carlos is legit – not a cipher; for others, he’s never even worked in Ukraine. Anyway he tweeted like mad. His account – not accidentally – has been shut down and he has disappeared. His friends are now desperately looking for him. I managed to read all his tweets in Spanish when the account was still online. And now copies and an English translation are available.

These are some of his crucial tweets:

“The B777 was escorted by 2 Ukrainian fighter jets minutes before disappearing from radar (5.48pm)”

“If the Kiev authorities want to admit the truth 2 fighter jets were flying very close a few minutes before the incident but did not shoot down the airliner (5.54)”

“As soon as the Malaysia Airlines B777 disappeared the Kiev military authority informed us of the shooting down. How did they know? (6.00)”

“Everything has been recorded on radar. For those that don’t believe it, it was taken down by Kiev; we know that here (in traffic control) and the military air traffic control know it too (7.14)”

“The Ministry of the Interior did know that there were fighter aircraft in the area, but the Ministry of Defense didn’t. (7.15)”

“The military confirm that it was Ukraine, but it is not known where the order came from. (7.31)”

Carlos’s assessment (a partial compilation of his tweets is collected here: the missile was fired by the Ukraine military under orders of the Ministry of Interior – NOT the Ministry of Defense. Security matters at the Ministry of the Interior happen to be under Andrey Paruby, who was closely working alongside US neo-cons and Banderastan neo-Nazis on Maidan.

Assuming Carlos is legit, the assessment makes sense. The Ukrainian military are divided between Chocolate king [President Petro] Poroshenko – who would like a détente with Russia essentially to advance his shady business interests – and St. Yulia Tymoshenko, who’s on the record advocating genocide of ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine. US neo-cons and US “military advisers” on the ground are proverbially hedging their bets, supporting both the Poroshenko and Tymoshenko factions.

So who profits?

The key question remains, of course, cui bono? Only the terminally brain dead believe shooting a passenger jet benefits the federalists in eastern Ukraine, not to mention the Kremlin.

As for Kiev, they’d have the means, the motive and the window of opportunity to pull it off – especially after Kiev’s militias have been effectively routed, and were in retreat, in the Donbass. And this after Kiev remained dead set on attacking and bombing the population of eastern Ukraine even from above. No wonder the federalists had to defend themselves.

And then there’s the suspicious timing. The MH17 tragedy happened two days after the BRICS announced an antidote to the IMF and the World Bank, bypassing the US dollar. And just as Israel ‘cautiously’ advances its new invasion/slow-motion-ethnic-cleansing of Gaza. Malaysia, by the way, is the seat of the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission, which has found Israel guilty of crimes against humanity.

Washington, of course, does profit. What the Empire of Chaos gets in this case is a ceasefire (so the disorganized, battered Kiev militias may be resupplied); the branding of eastern Ukrainians as de facto ‘terrorists’ (as Kiev, Dick Cheney-style, always wanted); and unlimited mud thrown over Russia and Putin in particular until Kingdom Come. Not bad for a few minutes’ work. As for NATO, that’s Christmas in July.

From now on, it all depends on Russian intelligence. They have been surveilling/tracking everything that happens in Ukraine 24/7. In the next 72 hours, after poring over a lot of tracking data, using telemetry, radar and satellite tracking, they will know which type of missile was launched, from where, and even produce communications from the battery that launched it. And they will have access to forensic evidence.

Unlike Washington – who already knows everything, with no evidence whatsoever (remember 9/11?) – Moscow will take its time to know the basic journalistic facts of what, where, and who, and engage on proving the truth and/or disproving Washington’s spin.

The historical record shows Washington simply won’t release data if it points to a missile coming from its Kiev vassals. The data may even point to a bomb planted on MH17, or mechanical failure – although that’s unlikely. If this was a terrible mistake by the Novorossiya rebels, Moscow will have to reluctantly admit it. If Kiev did it, the revelation will be instantaneous. Anyway we already know the hysterical Western response, no matter what; Russia is to blame.

Putin is more than correct when he stressed this tragedy would not have happened if Poroshenko had agreed to extend a ceasefire, as Merkel, Hollande and Putin tried to convince him to do in late June. At a minimum, Kiev is already guilty because they are responsible for safe passage of flights in the airspace they – theoretically – control.

But all that is already forgotten in the fog of war, tragedy and hype. As for Washington’s hysterical claims of credibility, I leave you with just one number: Iran Air 655.


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